It perpetuates a negative stereotype (two of my favourite people perform as sweet red-nose "Pochinko" clowns) but in this case I'll allow it.

Pro tip for Android users: install the "Shortcut Maker" app and you can create a quick link to your vaccination record. (I copied the QR code out of the vaccination record to make it even easier; the icon opens it immediately in Photos.)

I believe iPhone users can do the same by creating a shortcut and adding it to the home screen.

Joke's on the "Join the Illuminati" spammers: I'm already in. 👁

UK Twitter is talking about how women feel unsafe in public spaces and it’s prompted me to blog about particularly unsafe when travelling for conferences (and I hope conference organisers will listen!)

From @/simonw@birdsite: "'Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo' is not an email subject line you ever want to see"


I'll take "not quite what it seems" for $1600, Alex. 

"Former stepdaughter of Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage"

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ICYMI: We reported last night that the province rejected advice from its own public health agency when it launched its new colour-coded plan for restrictions.

Here are Public Health Ontario's recommended thresholds vs the final plan:

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So should be in Restrict (orange) with our current test positivity rate. Bonkers.

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“Bad communication damages trust” succinct advice from @firefoxx66

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Well there you have it. From the horse’s mouth. Zuck explains why calling for a beheading on Facebook comes ‘close to the line’ but ‘does not cross the line’. Thought experiment, Facebook: maybe the line *is in the wrong place* 🤔

Final transmission: "is never going to happen in your lifetime or mine, so stop badgering me already". (Or, more likely, something extremely awesome.)
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Beginning transmission of temporal data packet #4.

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Because it is my job, and because I’m proud of it, I’m sharing my latest animated work (for @mavkarlo - “Strangers Like Us”) with you today.

It’s supposed to be about loss but my mind melted halfway through, it might actually be about how I miss bars.

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With two broken cables, the situation @NAICobservatory is dangerous and dire -- a lot more so than press releases might have relayed. tl;dr the telescope might be on the brink of cascading, catastrophic collapse.

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Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Oregon's attempt to clear a sperm-whale carcass off the beach. The method? Obliteration via 20 cases of dynamite.

It's an event that led to what is surely one of the greatest local TV news segments of the century:

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In Sept, the MoH asked Public Health Ontario for its advice on indicators for the framework. For the strictest level (now known as "red" or control), PHO recommended a weekly infection rate of 25 per 100,000 & positivity rate of 2.5%.

The province's plan: 100 per 100,000 & 10%

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On Friday, Minister of Health Christine Elliott said the province consulted with 2 expert groups: the modelling consensus table & public health measures table.

The 1st group said it was never consulted. A member of the 2nd said she only saw the final plan when the public did.

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