@GeoffWozniak Didn't know The Independent had become r/AItA.

And yes, 100% troll. "I'm doing something I know is offensive---because everyone I asked said it's offensive, which I already knew because otherwise I wouldn't have asked in the first place---but I don't care because they're all wrong."

@GeoffWozniak Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds? (I actually really like it; both iterations of the album, and the concert version.)

@GeoffWozniak Weird, can't see the image (I presume) in my client (Tusky) or at the original link on hackers.town. Apparently others who have replied can, and I had kinda guessed what it was supposed to be anyway, but it's still curious.

@GeoffWozniak Have you seen/tried mp3fs? Haven't figured out the incantations to get it to work over NFS yet, but it looks promising.

@GeoffWozniak id3tag is pretty much my go-to for command line, if I have to do mp3. (My recently-completed re-ripping project was to get everything in FLAC, and metaflac does almost everything I've asked of it.)

From @/simonw@birdsite: "'Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo' is not an email subject line you ever want to see"

CVE-2021-3156: openwall.com/lists/oss-securit

re: I'll take "not quite what it seems" for $1600, Alex. 

@GeoffWozniak Indeed. But it's accurate!

I'll take "not quite what it seems" for $1600, Alex. 

"Former stepdaughter of Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage"


@GeoffWozniak I don't follow Professor Deibert directly but I did see that retweeted by @CitizenLab@twitter.

re: What it's like to play with one of my cats 

@GeoffWozniak That's what I figured, can't find it though. Still, funny that even the blurred image is too extreme!

What it's like to play with one of my cats 

@GeoffWozniak Ha, my own screenshot got the same treatment!

What it's like to play with one of my cats 

@GeoffWozniak Apparently they're quite sensitive!

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ICYMI: We reported last night that the province rejected advice from its own public health agency when it launched its new colour-coded plan for restrictions.

Here are Public Health Ontario's recommended thresholds vs the final plan:


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So should be in Restrict (orange) with our current test positivity rate. Bonkers. twitter.com/jyangstar/status/1

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“Bad communication damages trust” succinct advice from @firefoxx66

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Well there you have it. From the horse’s mouth. Zuck explains why calling for a beheading on Facebook comes ‘close to the line’ but ‘does not cross the line’. Thought experiment, Facebook: maybe the line *is in the wrong place* 🤔


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