@GeoffWozniak I like it more when they don't have roles that share names with actual people. Seems disrespectful; wonder if they had to get signoff from them/their estates to use their likenesses?

@GeoffWozniak One of the best Star Trek movies, right after The Wrath of Khan (and maybe The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home, depending on the day). The documentary that came out a couple of years ago is worth watching, but has (mostly technical) issues.

@GeoffWozniak pipewire is the new hotness, in Fedora at least. No idea if it's better or worse to set up; it mostly works on my machines, except occasionally Teams goes silent on my laptop (which could certainly be Teams' fault) so I kill it and it works again.

Joke's on the "Join the Illuminati" spammers: I'm already in. 👁

@GeoffWozniak (But also the person who created the bug report....)

@GeoffWozniak I used Dvorak on my home machine for a while but not on the TVWorks machine. Had pretty good speed but not appreciably different so I eventually reverted to QWERTY.

@GeoffWozniak Very confused by that alpha layout. Something to do with the "layers" you've mentioned?

@GeoffWozniak (which features his half-sister Lisa singing backup, as she's done for many of Al's songs)

@GeoffWozniak After "And who can forget" I was sure you were headed here. Because who can forget... youtu.be/HFHqTzeIuKE

@GeoffWozniak Do you plan to sort the ones you get by size, shape, and colour, and then arrange them at 90° angles?

@GeoffWozniak Can't believe Marcin Wichary isn't in that discussion. (Unless he's already talked Harris' ears off, which wouldn't be a surprise.) mwichary.medium.com/shift-happ

@GeoffWozniak Ironically, putting four litres of milk in three bags is the opposite of the metric system....

@GeoffWozniak I not only stubbornly add RSS feeds to any site I build, I create them for sites that don't have them (via custom scrapers... most are pretty trivial with modern HTML parsing libraries, but the single group I keep track of on The Facebook is a Puppeteer-based Frankenstein's monster). RSS ain't dead, 'e's only resting!

UK Twitter is talking about how women feel unsafe in public spaces and it’s prompted me to blog about particularly unsafe when travelling for conferences (and I hope conference organisers will listen!)


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