@GeoffWozniak Do you plan to sort the ones you get by size, shape, and colour, and then arrange them at 90° angles?

@GeoffWozniak Can't believe Marcin Wichary isn't in that discussion. (Unless he's already talked Harris' ears off, which wouldn't be a surprise.) mwichary.medium.com/shift-happ

@GeoffWozniak Ironically, putting four litres of milk in three bags is the opposite of the metric system....

@GeoffWozniak I not only stubbornly add RSS feeds to any site I build, I create them for sites that don't have them (via custom scrapers... most are pretty trivial with modern HTML parsing libraries, but the single group I keep track of on The Facebook is a Puppeteer-based Frankenstein's monster). RSS ain't dead, 'e's only resting!

UK Twitter is talking about how women feel unsafe in public spaces and it’s prompted me to blog about particularly unsafe when travelling for conferences (and I hope conference organisers will listen!)


@GeoffWozniak Didn't know The Independent had become r/AItA.

And yes, 100% troll. "I'm doing something I know is offensive---because everyone I asked said it's offensive, which I already knew because otherwise I wouldn't have asked in the first place---but I don't care because they're all wrong."

@GeoffWozniak Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds? (I actually really like it; both iterations of the album, and the concert version.)

@GeoffWozniak Weird, can't see the image (I presume) in my client (Tusky) or at the original link on hackers.town. Apparently others who have replied can, and I had kinda guessed what it was supposed to be anyway, but it's still curious.

@GeoffWozniak Have you seen/tried mp3fs? Haven't figured out the incantations to get it to work over NFS yet, but it looks promising.

@GeoffWozniak id3tag is pretty much my go-to for command line, if I have to do mp3. (My recently-completed re-ripping project was to get everything in FLAC, and metaflac does almost everything I've asked of it.)

From @/simonw@birdsite: "'Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo' is not an email subject line you ever want to see"

CVE-2021-3156: openwall.com/lists/oss-securit

re: I'll take "not quite what it seems" for $1600, Alex. 

@GeoffWozniak Indeed. But it's accurate!

I'll take "not quite what it seems" for $1600, Alex. 

"Former stepdaughter of Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage"


@GeoffWozniak I don't follow Professor Deibert directly but I did see that retweeted by @CitizenLab@twitter.

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